Hifi Lab Quality Products for Professional Audio Applications

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Hifi Lab Equipment Feet

The high-quality processed and from the whole turned device feet series aluminium massiv offers a perfect stand for your audio components and lets these appear by their noble surfaces in new brilliance.

Hifi Lab Signal Connector

Hifi Lab's precision-engineered connectors guarantee perfect signal transmission between audio components. The plugs are 24 carat gold plated and provide a perfect fit for their counterparts.

Hifi Lab Cable Sleeves

The Hifi Lab cable sleeves not only look good, they also protect your cables from mechanical influences, wear and light radiation and can thus extend the life of your cables.

Hifi Lab Poti Knobs

The potentiometer knob is the haptic interface between the user and the audio device. To ensure that the knob fits perfectly in the user's hand and allows precise adjustments, we only use fully solid aluminium knobs with the finest surfaces.

Hifi Lab Fuses

With the Hifi Lab Audio ceramic fine fuses with copper contacts, weak points in the power supply can be eliminated and your audio components can draw from the whole.